Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Assalaam Aleikum

I am Mrs.hadjaratou ouedraha Former Director of GMG Star company in
Burkina Faso, I needed your assistant to do business with me and we
shall aim a good profit at the end of the successful business, please i
want you to put all your mind/ trust and effort to accomplish this
deal, i belief Allah will help us all, Inshal allah.

my good assistance, i am introducing you in this business with trust and
not betray mind, i want you to help me claim the sum fund
that worth about $13,000,000.00 USD and this fund is in the security
company here in Burkina Faso register as a family treasure and also
luck with a secret CODE whereby no one can open the box except the

I am contacting you to help me and claim the fund, it belong to LATE
GHADAFFI and i have all information about the saving fund in a
security company, please get back to me so that i can direct you what to
do, the money will be shared in ratio of 60% for me and 40% will be
for you why 10% will be set outside for any expenses incase it occur.

What i need from you is to apply to the security company as the relative
to LATE GHADAFFI and give them what ever information they
need for the fund, do not worry, i will give you all information
requested by the security company and also i will protect and direct
you what to do, but do not tell or let the security company knows about
my involvement, because they knew me very well, i am doing this
secretly to save my life and to avoid complicated issues.

Please indicate your wiliness if you are capable to handle this deal
with sincerity.

i wait your respond.

Best Regards
Mrs.hadjaratou ouedraha

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