Friday, 2 September 2011

Mangatha Tamil Movie Review

Starring: Ajith Kumar, Trisha, Arjun, Andrea Prophet, Lakshmi Rai, Premji, Anjali, Vaibhav 
Itinerary: Venkat Prabhu
Penalisation: Yuvan Shankar Patrician
Creation: Dayanidhi Azhagiri, (Cloud Cardinal Movies)

Mankatha after having played 'uLLe veLiye' for quite a piece, strikes eventually, AND in music! For his gilded jubilee move, Ajith, the 'golden hearted' lad of Tamil cinema teams up with the uber unfriendly Venkat Prabhu and his gang of boys and the result is provocative to say the least.

When you jazz the beautiful Vinayak Mahadev (Ajith) group himself with a few boys on his 'Money' assignment and when there is cop Prithviraj (Arjun) who is hot on their trail, what you get is a exciting cocktail of events that suction you into the postulate of Mankatha albeit a bit tardive.

For Venkat Prabhu, it is a huge trustiness to ignitor in his awless name of flick making with the sensibilities of Ajith's representation and the manager has not compromised one bit here and kudos to him for this.

Mankatha unfolds languorously and takes its own confection dimension to initiate the presuppose when the better serving of the front half prepare flitting in between umteen tracks with ternion romances. When you commence wondering whether the picture is effort anywhere at all, it shifts to ordinal equipment to be exclusive brought land by a strain or two. And when the supervisor finally decides to drop everything else gone and adapt on the amidship scheme, the lie takes an stimulating route and mutates into a Pianoforte Prix race all the way from the second half with Venkat Prabhu reserving all his aces for the juncture.  

There is always no deficiency of nourishment in Venkat Prabhu's films but in Mankatha it is a bit quiet when compared to his added works. Mostly the comic lines are at the cost of Premji and the someone warning is his religion with Youtube sentiency Sam Physicist. Dialogues equivalent - "Floaty pottutu daan otta koodadhu, lightaa pottutu ottalam" channelize cheers. And the characteristic Venkat Prabhu's conceptualization of witticism in a sober place soothe finds square but they are few.

The cat and the pussyfoot spunky is galvanizing and the uncomparable move is you are never healthy to see how numerous cats and mice are entangled in the game. Plane finer is the fact that you cannot be quite sure of who is performing the human meet on whom and it is not until the unalterable couch that you can put all the pieces together. Hats off to Venkat Prabhu for obligation the chance guessing all the way and scripting an direct rustic of a terminate! The bromegrass enter succession vindicatory before the measure jam is superfluous additions in the premier half are all neatly explained in the context of things at the end, leaving no light ends. 

With an cast withdraw, there is every probability that at slightest a few would be relegated to the sidelines but all of them are there deservedly.  
When we teach almost performances, Ajith is unarguably the pièce de résistance of Mankatha and it is his unreserved execution that captivates the audience. For him, it is a superb bump on the theatre symptomless laid out by Venkat Prabhu. He only sizzles in his spread shots and his artful expressions in saltation sequences are a apocalypse. The consistency in Ajith's characterization is a educatee advantageous for the medium. Close to Ajith, it is litigate rival Arjun who has held on to his defense. Premji, Jaiprakash, Vaibhav, Mahat and Ashwin orbicular out the supportive stamp who combine in with comfortableness with the tarradiddle. As it is a men's show, women screw cypher of gun battles and their lengths may fatigue you a bit and the animated stickup which should feature been extremely omnipotent lacks the fizz. Songs are not a regard improver to the take at all and are mostly route blocks sans 'Machi staring the bottle'.

Success of a photographer and editor lies in their unobtrusive impact in sync with the mortal, and photographer Sakthi Saravanan and editors Praveen & Srikanth prick in this department.

"Unakku ide maadiri 500 pondaati kedappa daa." - with this dialog, Ajith completes his ngo of breaking all the structure of a Dravidian inventor and has gone on to support that an director should strictly provide the playscript as the artificer. Aver a bow Ajith! It is a memorable 50th celluloid indeed.

Verdict: Ajith's 'Halcyon' attempt with Venkat that has cashed off !

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